12 Most Expensive French Bulldogs

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Blue French Bulldog: Blue French Bulldogs have a grayish-blue coat color that is highly sought after. They often come with a hefty price tag due to their rarity and desirability.

Lilac French Bulldog:These have a diluted chocolate coat color that gives them a unique and attractive appearance.They are known for their pale grayish-lavender fur.

Merle French Bulldog:These exhibit a distinctive coat pattern characterized by patches of diluted color on a lighter base.They are visually striking and expensive due to their popularity.

Chocolate French Bulldog:These have a rich,dark brown coat color that sets them apart from the more common shades of brindle and fawn.Their unique coloration contributes to their higher price.

Black and Tan French Bulldog:These feature a black coat with tan or fawn markings on their face,legs and undersides.Their striking color combination makes them expensive.

Platinum French Bulldog: Platinum French Bulldogs have a light, silvery-gray coat color. Their unique appearance and rarity contribute to their high price tag.

Isabella French Bulldog:These have a dilute liver coat color that gives them a beautiful pale brown appearance. Their distinct coat color makes them quite expensive.

Cream French Bulldog:These have a light cream or off-white coat color.High-quality cream French Bulldogs from reputable breeders can be quite costly.

Blue and Tan French Bulldog:These combine the desirable blue coat color with tan or fawn markings. The unique color combination makes them highly sought after and expensive.

Pied French Bulldog:These have a white coat with patches of another color, usually brindle or fawn. Their striking and contrasting coat patterns contribute to their higher price.

Sable French Bulldog:These have a coat color that ranges from light to dark brown with black tipping on the fur. They are less common and can be more expensive than other color variations.

Lilac and Tan French Bulldog:These possess the diluted chocolate coat color with tan or fawn markings. The combination of their unique coloration and tan points makes them expensive.

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