Cassandra tutorial

Cassandra History:

Cassandra was initially developed at Facebook to power the Facebook inbox search feature. It was developed by Avinash Lakshman and Prashant Malik. The Apache Incubator accepted it in March 2009, after Facebook open-sourced it in July 2008. Later, since February 2010, Cassandra became a top-level project of Apache since February 2010 and currently, 3.2.1 is its latest version.


Cassandra Versions:

VersionRelease YearLatest VersionRelease YearStatus
0.620100.6.132011Not Supported any more.
0.720110.7.102011Not Supported any more.
0.820110.8.102012Not Supported any more.
120111.0.122012Not Supported any more.
1.120121.1.122013Not Supported any more.
1.220131.2.192014Not Supported any more.
220132.0.172015Not Supported any more.
3.120173.12017Latest release.
3.1120173.1120173.11 branch of Github.


Cassandra tutorial

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